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General Immigration Law Information:

Below are a few points of Ecuador's immigration laws. We offer a service package for those who are desiring to stay longer than the 90 days as a tourist or apply to immigrate to Ecuador.

According to the second paragraph of article 5 of theImmigration Law: "The decision to grant, deny or revoke a visa to a foreigner, however compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, is sovereign and discretionary to the Executive Function through the relevant agencies". :

Under Article 8 of the Immigration Law: "Any foreigner who applies for admission in Ecuador as an immigrant or nonimmigrant except in transit, shall be provided with a visa issued by a foreign service officer of Ecuador who serves in the place of residence of the foreigner or in his absence, at the nearest place. "

Under Article 22 of the Immigration Law: : "The Directorate of Immigration and Migration Affairs Department, each within its field of action, may alter migration grades or categories of foreigners who are in the country, regardless of their immigration status or category, subject to compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. " :

While no foreigner requires a visa to enter Ecuador (with the exception of special regimen for Chinese citizens) for a period of 90 days for tourism purposes, they must obtain from the Ecuadorian Embassies or Consulates a VISA to stay in the country for a longer period after fulfilling the requirements established by law.

Any foreigner wishing to enter Ecuador to develop specific activities, except for in transit visitors, must necessarily obtain a visa at a Consulate of Ecuador, prior entering the country.

No foreigner may hold two or more immigration status simultaneously.

The General Directorate for Immigration Affairs, may in exceptional cases after investigation and analysis of each case, change the immigration status of a foreigner who enters as in transit visitor, upon request duly justified of the reason for not having obtained the appropriate visa for the activity to be developed besides meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements set out in the Immigration Law and Regulations.

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Retiring to Ecuador

Immingration to Ecuador

The tiny country of Ecuador has been voted the best place in the world to retire to by International Living. The country topped a poll on the International Living website, which is about overseas retirement.

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